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Our product is always fresh and comforting. Inspired by flavors from the Caribbean Islands and the South, we are always on the hunt every day for signature ideas that we make our own– and then share with our guests.



Since moving to Columbia City from Judkins Park in 2013, the focus on quality food and drinks has remained steadfast. It is why people return – sometimes daily – to our restaurants and it continues to be the key to our winning success. Our dishes and our drinks are the best in the area. 


Great effort goes into creating the ideas and flavors that go into the food and drinks, an effort that has to be matched by the quality of the products that come into our kitchens and bars. With fantastic relationships in the industry, we are proud of our food and drink partners. Like true partners we can hold them accountable for the products they provide. We have extremely high standards for all of the ingredients we serve and visit our suppliers regularly to inspect the quality of the products. We are very adamant when it comes to fresh ingredients. Here at Island Soul, we do not like to waste food. Every part of the meat and vegetables are used, whether for an appetizer, stew, stock– we utilize every piece. 

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