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As a member of the Island Soul restaurant team, you are a big part our family!


Your employment with us requires an understanding of what it means to be polished at all times.


Whether you are on line or at the front door, you are a direct representation of Island Soul restaurant.

You are part of a loving group of the best and brightest in the heart of Columbia City who takes pride in their presentation! We acknowledge you for the way you have shown up!



We will provide you Island Soul branded t-shirts to wear, which will be taken out of your first check. It is not required to wear every single day, but you can wear a black t-shirt/top and bottom. Please do not alter our t-shirts (do not cut the sleeves off, creating crop tops and etc.) 

Gloves: Disposable gloves should be used when handling ready-to-eat food and should be provided in multiple sizes. Employees must wash their hands before putting on gloves and they must be changed after becoming dirty or torn. Multi-use gloves must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized between uses. Any open sores, cuts, abrasions, burns, or bandages must be covered with gloves.

Hostesses, wait staff, or employees serving only beverages or packaged foods are not required to wear hair restraints. Food employees with a high risk of contaminating exposed food must wear a hat or hair covering, a beard restraint (if applicable), and clothing that covers body hair.

Personal hygiene: Prevent pathogens from skin and hair from coming in contact with food by demanding that employees shower or bathe regularly. Hands must be washed before starting to work. Designated restaurant uniforms should be cleaned daily.

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